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Meaghan Brown

Meaghan Brown

Meaghan is a bioinformatician working at St. Juno’s Hospital for Sick Children. She graduated in 2018 with a specialist in Bioinformatics and Computational Biology from University of British Columbia. She uses her expertise in statistics and technology to gather and analyze data in fields such as population health and biology. In her free time, she enjoys nature hikes and drinking bubble tea with her friends.


Hamid Shakir

Hamid currently works as Lead Experience Coordinator at Stanford University. His work includes analyzing student involvement at the university and creating inclusive spaces and activities on campus. He has a Masters in Social Work from NYU. In his spare time, Hamid volunteers at his local homeless shelter and is a strong advocate for human rights.


Melissa Singh

Melissa is the owner of 3 beauty parlors across London, UK. During her 3’rd undergraduate year at University of London, Melissa founded her own business called Yule Tide, which sells eco-friendly care packages and successfully generated profit in her first year of sales! Melissa enjoys creating videos on YouTube and is a competitive figure skater.


Barah Mubeen

Barah is a clinical psychologist and professor at the University of Toronto. While getting her HBSc from McMaster University, she worked at CAMH with the geriatric unit, which sparked her interest in gerontology research. She earned her PhD in 2019 while doing gerontology research. She works closely to understand the impacts of Mental Health, specifically depression, on the elderly population in Canada. In her spare time, she enjoys watching Breaking Bad and training mental health crisis responders with Kids Help Phone.

Jackie Wen

Jackie Wen

Jackie is a microbiologist who is working at John Hopkins as an advisor. She graduated with a degree from Harvard University in microbiology in 2016 and has since taught several undergraduate classes in biology and conservation. Jackie has a masters in Environmental Science from Queens University. She enjoys scuba diving with her fiance and biking along the beach.